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Professional Makeup Artist in Bangalore

About Heema Chithung

As far as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by beauty, visual story telling and creative conceptualisation. Searching for a career that would allow me to combine all these things, I’ve studied Makeup Artistry and decided to become a freelancer in 2018. Also, Certified in 'Master Makeup Artist Program' and 'Upskill Program'.
And so I found a place of endless possibilities, a space where my imagination can thrive. I gain inspiration through my senses from everything that surrounds me and its energy. I believe that my creations and growth as an artist arise from my power of materializing feelings into something valuable to others. The ability to receive and transfer such emotions through my work brings me an immeasurable satisfaction!
Following my passion also brought me closer to other things I love such as traveling, meeting people and experiencing new cultures. Thus, in my journey I’ve had the opportunity to explore and work in amazing places.
Having all these things in my life every day make it all very exciting and I am definitely looking forward to new challenges.